Schools in Uganda are not serving students effectively.

In fact, in Uganda there is a strong correlation between education level and unemployment. Yes, you read that correctly! In Uganda, the higher one's education, the greater one's chance of being unemployed!

Consider the two charts below. In one, you see that in Uganda education level and unemployment go together. This is evidence that schools in Uganda are not preparing their students to enter the economy. According to the second chart, in the United States the situation is reversed. In other words, in America a higher education level leads to higher employment levels and income levels. 

How can education in Uganda be transformed into a system that supports, prepares, and benefits students? Keep reading to find out!

  Source:  UBOS, 2013, The National Labour Force and Child Activities Survey 2011/2012.

Source: UBOS, 2013, The National Labour Force and Child Activities Survey 2011/2012.

  Source:  BLS, 2018, Employment Projections

Source: BLS, 2018, Employment Projections

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That every child is naturally and uniquely gifted by God, that good education starts with identifying a child’s gifts then developing them, and that a Christian setting best explains the ideals of purpose, work, family, morality, diligence, and integrity.




The Levites Academy exists to identify and develop children’s natural abilities, talents, and skills by incorporating formal education with vocational training in a Christian setting.




By age 18 every child who has gone through our training should be able to use their natural abilities along with the functional literacy we will have imparted to create value in the community regardless of whether they continue onto a higher institution of learning or not.



After four years, students will leave The Levites Academy with the ability to:


1)  Start their own business

2) Pursue further education

3) Find a job in their chosen field


Traditional Education

Students at The Levites Academy will attend academic classes. The courses taught at The Levites Academy will use a new academic curriculum that will integrate thinking skills, innovative and problem-solving skills, and other practical applications of knowledge into the academic curriculum. Unlike traditional Ugandan school curriculum, which strongly focuses on theory and rote memorization, The Levites Academy’s curriculum will teach students to put knowledge into practice.

Vocational Training

Our students will learn to raise chickens, pigs, and cows by local experts who will serve not only as caretakers of the farm animals but also instructors for our students. As students learn how to raise farm animals, the model farm at the school will also be an income-generating project that supports The Levites Academy and lowers tuition costs for students. In addition to raising animals, The Levites Academy farm will also grow crops such as green peppers, tomatoes, beans, and watermelons. While 80% of Ugandans are farmers, they are subsistence farmers growing those staple foods which form the main part of the Ugandan diet. The food plants that will be grown on The Levites Academy farm are not staple foods, but they are in high demand and profitable. Proceeds from sales will support the school and lower tuition for students. In addition to farming, The Levites Academy will also offer instruction and hands-on experience in other fields, such as engine repair, electronics repair, plumbing, and more.

Spiritual Formation

Transformed hearts are at the heart of The Levites Academy’s vision. We exist to walk alongside Ugandan children as they grow into whole individuals, living to bring glory to God through their lives and work. Flowing from that central vision are everyday practices like financial responsibility, gratitude, stewardship, and love that will be learned in the context of Christian discipleship.

Career Guidance

The Levites Academy is committed to helping students to graduation and beyond. Our students will learn the skills necessary to navigate the career process. Students will be guided in how to choose a career, how to do an internship with a potential employer, and how to prepare for a successful job interview. Graduates of The Levites Academy will learn and practice the power of professionalism.


Phase 1: Beginnings

The Levites Academy aims to be self-sustaining. As such, land is an integral part of our operation. We seek to acquire land in Uganda and convert that land for subsistence agriculture. The crops and animals raised on the land will supply food for the students and staff of The Levites Academy and income for the school through sales. Our initial goal which has been already met was to acquire 10 acres of land to be allocated as follows:

4 Acres

Chickens & pigs
1 Acre

1 Acre

Vegetable Crops
4 Acres

Phase 2: Sustainability

In its first year of operation, The Levites Academy will offer classes for ninth grade. During that first year, income from tuition, farming, and vocational training services will meet over one-half of The Levites Academy’s operating costs. Each succeeding year The Levites Academy will add another grade and increase its capacity for farming and vocational training services. Within five years of opening, The Levites Academy is projected be 100% sustainable through its combined income from tuition, farming, and vocational training.


“ For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”


Growing up in a small town in Uganda, I never fully understood God’s handiwork in the way He orchestrated every aspect of my life for His service. It is only later that I realized God intended for good all the brokenness I experienced in both my family and personal life.

I received Christ at the age of thirteen, but soon after my life spiraled into rebellion. Around that time, I discovered  rap music. Tupac was my go to artist. Instead of gravitating toward the many other themes perpetuated by the music, I was especially gripped by the suffering that was going on in the American inner cities as chronicled in the music. I vividly remember thinking many times; if I had an opportunity, I would come to America and work among the black people in the inner cities.  I thought to myself, “they are my brothers and sisters, someone should let them know that they are dearly loved.”

Fast forward to life after college. While  serving with my church family and Bible Study Fellowship International as a children’s leader, I was moved to start an after schools’ program centered around Scripture.So I began to visit my small town in Lugazi, Uganda every week to run a VBS type of schedule with kids, some of whose parents were my friends growing up.

Through this experience, God showed me the enormous need for a Christian education. Despite the many times we got rained on or endured the scorching tropical sun since it was open air, our numbers never once dwindled. The parents and children alike appreciated the value of learning scripture, a craft or skill, and occasionally scholastic materials if we got some.

The time I spent with these kids helped me see a tremendous need, a need I consequently presented to God. I asked God to open up doors for me to come study discipleship and evangelism at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and thereafter do a Masters in Education at Wheaton College in Chicago. God indeed opened up the door and provided for me. In 2009, I came and started school at Moody Bible Institute. Wheaton College did not happen because God had a better deal. God moved me to “The South” where the weather suits my skin. :)

Memphis Teacher Residency accepted me and my wife into their Urban Education Masters program. This program required that in return for my masters, I commit to teaching in high need Memphis schools for three years after the one year of teaching residency. There was not a better opportunity than this! I received a Christian education through Union University which involved four days a week in an actual classroom with kids and a mentor teacher and two days  in school for graduate coursework. This way I was able to immediately apply everything I was learning.

After graduation, God gave me a ‘Special Commission’, Hamilton Middle School in South Memphis. It was  truly a memorable and rich experience serving among people that I grew up desirous to serve. And let’s just say, be careful what you ask for, because God sure answers prayers - even our wildest hearts desires. If anything, working at Hamilton Middle reminded me of the enormous need there is, but also how truly education is the best equalizer. No matter how difficult things got at Hamilton, I remembered that my purpose was to stay faithful and diligent in doing what I was called and hired to do.

It's been 9 years now since I left Uganda, four years in Chicago and five in Memphis. I have received both training and experience. As matter of fact, I have done my time!

God is calling me back to Uganda to finish what He started. To build a Christian school, “The Levites Academy!” I was reminded of Habakkuk 2:3 as I wrote this,

“For the vision awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it lingers, wait for it, it will certainly come and will not delay.”

About fifteen years ago I wrote down in my diary that I would start a school called Levites Academy. People that know me all these years know that this is a conversation that somehow comes up every time they talk to me. I have dreamt up several  good ideas over my lifetime, yet the only steady vision that has always stuck with me is Levites Academy.

God prepared in advance good works for us to do alongside Him. He wants you and me to hold onto the partnership we have with Him according to Ephesians 2:10. I am inviting you to partner with God in His work empowering people to love and serve Him with all their minds and strength.



Help us take the next step in launching The Levites Academy! We are working toward beginning construction on 10 acres of land – the campus where our students will receive training and learn use their natural abilities to create value in their community.


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We are desperate for your prayers! Please continue to pray with us, asking the Lord to provide all that we need to see our vision come to fruition. Follow us on Facebook to learn more ways that you can be praying for us as we work toward launch.

Special Opportunities

We are in the early phases of developing the unique curriculum that will serve as the foundation for The Levites Academy. If you are skilled in integrated curriculum development or know someone who may be interested in helping, please get in touch!